Developing a method for determination of biochemical methane potential and rate of anaerobic degradation of landfill solid wastes

ET-LBC technology (Evapotranspiration-Landfill Biocovers) is the capital intensive emerging modern landfill technology. The acceptance of this technology by landfill regulators and operators, and its possible future participation in carbon credit trading depends on its performance. In order asses the performance of the ET-LBC technology using mathematical models, the anaerobic degradation parameters such as the methane yield potential (L0), anaerobic decay rate (k) must be known. Anaerobic degradation parameters can be calculated using existing models. However, complex heterogeneity of waste components creates significant variations between estimated values and the actual results in the landfill. In that context, the proposed study is aimed at to develop explicit BMP (biochemical methane potential) assay for landfill solid waste by optimizing parameters influencing BMP bioassay in simulated landfill conditions. The developed methodology will assist in the completion the ET-LBC project and help partner organizations in large scale deployment of ET-LBC technology in Alberta.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joseph Patrick Hettiaratchi


Tanaji More


Tetra Tech EBA


Engineering - civil


Alternative energy


University of Calgary



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