Developing a Revolutionary Technology for the Niche Tool Grinding Sector

During the intended internship, the industry partner aims to develop machinery for the niche tool grinding sector that can potentially boost current industry technology. This machinery targets immediate launch to market a unique CNC grinding system to be characterized by an unsurpassed flexibility owed to its 14 motion controlled axes, with multiple serial manipulator robots custom designs for the specific application. To further enhance its performances, the grinding system will be coupled with a fully automated robotic loading cell to enable long term/overnight unsupervised operation of the machine. The primary goal of this internship is to investigate and review mechanical systems in detail and complete the design section. Applied research is required in combination with hard design and implementation. Most of the challenges associated with this structure that is unique in the world are a result of its kinematic complexity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. O. Remus Tutunea-Fatan


Kamal Mostafavi


Williams and White Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




Western University



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