Developing a UAV-based camera for precision agriculture

A&L Canada Labs Inc. is developing a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or drone with a multi-spectral camera for various precision agriculture applications. The multi-spectral camera has 6 bands: one in the red band, one in the blue band, one in the green band, and three in the NIR regions. The scope of this project is to develop precision agriculture products from the images acquired by the A&L Canada Labs Inc. camera. The first application is late blight disease detection over potato fields. The second application is to produce crop types and damages and related surface estimation for crop insurance agencies. The third application is for detecting diseases greenhouse crops. Developing such an operational monitoring system that uses top-notch drone and camera technologies is critical for A&L Canada Labs Inc that is engaged for more than 20 years in grower advising. It is also critical for the crop insurance agencies across Canada that require accurate estimation of crop damage surfaces. Detecting crop diseases are also essential for Canada as diseases are a major threat to the Canadian agricultural sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brigitte Leblon


Ataollah Haddadi


A&L Canada Laboratories Inc


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


University of New Brunswick



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