Developing a web server system to process Multispectral raster to extract NDVI data

This research is focused on building a web-based system for processing big earth data available in a form of Raw multispectral imagery captured by a UAV or a satellites system. The data gathered will be processed to obtain the end results in a vegetation indices (Vis), or NDVI form, which could be used for crop monitoring. The efforts are required in developing a web server, which will allow inexperienced users to classify raster imagery without any supervision. The simple result obtained such as NDVI will quickly identify vegetation dense areas and their condition, which is used to detect live green plant, and canopies numbers. The majority of work would be required in requesting this data from different vendor servers located at vendor sites and also, in moving the data to local servers for processing and storage.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mirza Beg


Gurman Thind






Alternative energy




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