Developing an Indigenous-led ‘conservation economy’: Ecosystem service synergies and trade-offs from shellfish aquaculture in British Columbia’s Great Bear Sea

Without careful management, the growing number and intensity of human activities can negatively affect ecosystem health and cause conflict between users. Recognizing the need for integrated management, the Province of British Columbia and 18 Coastal First Nations collaborated to develop an integrated spatial Marine Plan for the North Pacific Coast. A critical part of implementing this plan is to closely evaluate interactions between key marine uses, especially in light of global environmental change. With special focus on shellfish aquaculture, this project will use novel methods to evaluate the economic and ecological consequences associated with proposed zoning and management. Working with the Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance, we will quantify, map, and value ecosystem services, and potential synergies and trade-offs among them, across the BC Central Coast. These results will be used to inform current and alternative marine management scenarios.

Faculty Supervisor:

Natalie Ban


Aerin Jacob


Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance


Environmental sciences


Fisheries and wildlife


University of Victoria



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