Developing an On-field Test for Determining Recreational Water Quality

Recreational water sources are important commercial resources and activity hubs. Unfortunately, any public water source is prone to bacterial and viral contamination, which is a major concern for public health agencies. InnovoGENE Biosciences has a developed a simple test that can quickly determine the level of pathogens. Although this method has been rigorously tested in a laboratory, this test is unproven on the field. The intern has a significant understanding of the technology and is most suited to validate the assay and is capable of optimizing the assay for field use. The intern will work with research associates from InnovoGENE to perform field-tests between June to end of August and the data generated will be valuable for developing the first generation of prototypes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carlos Filipe


Dingran Chang


InnovoGENE Biosciences Inc


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Life sciences




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