Developing and Investigating of Glass FRP Composite Electrical and Telecommunication Towers, Poles, and H-frames

The existing utility infrastructures in Canada and the United States are struggling with hard environmental conditions. They are made of wood, steel, or concrete which sustain many problems under the effects of weather. Therefore, most of these infrastructures are in need of renewal within a few years of their construction. Currently, the industry trend is to build infrastructures to be more reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable for longer times. New infrastructures made of composite materials with high durable characteristics represent a viable alternative to the current materials. The proposed research will introduce strong and important data about these innovative composite infrastructures to the industrial community in order to push the implementation of this new technology in the field in the upcoming few years. This technology could be adopted in a short period of time across the country and benefit the utility service industry by extending the service life of its infrastructures.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brahim Benmokrane


Omar Abdelkarim


Cegeny Inc


Engineering - civil


Advanced manufacturing




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