Developing and Validating a Robust Sample Preparation, Separation and Quantitation Method for Pesticide Residues in Cannabis

Mandatory reporting limits established by Health Canada for pesticide testing in cannabis are typically lower than those published in various U.S. states. Because dried cannabis leaves and flowers generate many co-extractives that can negatively impact testing results, a simple and cost-effective sample preparation and analytical method needs to be developed to meet the demanding testing requirements in Canada. In this proposal, we will develop a robust sample preparation and clean-up procedure based on comparative research work and optimization of conditions and steps utilizing a combination of more basic procedures to extract 96 pesticides listed by Health Canada. Also, we will develop instrument methods to allow low level analysis of pesticides with good recovery in complex cannabis matrices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Simon Rondeau-Gagné;Zhifeng Ding


Gage T Mason


Cannalabs Sciences


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Professional, scientific and technical services




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