Developing bacterial inoculant promoting crop growth and health

The development of beneficial bacterial inoculant as biopesticide and biofertilizers is directly beneficial to agricultural producers through the preservation and enhancement of crop quality and yield. At present, a limited spectrum of naturally occurring microorganisms have been developed for directed, commercial agricultural applications in Canada. Engage Agro Corp is interested in developing bacterial inoculants with commercial potential to expand its business and service to Canadian agriculture. P. polymyxa CR1 is identified as a promising candidate for commercial application as both a biofertilizer and biopesticide. Through this project, we will carry out greenhouse study to determine a fixed concentration of P. Polymyxa strain CR1 and other necessary constituents in order to formulate bacterial inoculants that can be supplied to growers to enhance crop growth, health and yield. The current research project addresses a technology gap in agriculture and strives to develop a viable, biologically-based platform for increased productivity and biopesticide uses in Canadian agriculture. The work is a necessary step moving from laboratory trials to greenhouse studies in order to move next step to commercial-scale testing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ze-Chun Yuan


Rafiqul Islam


Engage Agro




Life sciences


Western University



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