Developing Digital Brain Assessment Tools for the Home

Attention problems are common with aging and related disorders (like stroke) and are associated with poor recovery and quality of life. Many clinical tests of attention are not based on neurocognitive concepts and are limited to in person visits. The Dalhousie Computerized Attention Battery (DalCAB) is a theory-based, in-depth measure of attention that can be done in person or online. It has been used in-person with young adults, but it still requires more development as a remote test. Sixty healthy adults (30 young, 18-35 yrs, and 30 older, 55-85 yrs) will complete the DalCAB twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. Time of day and age effects on task performance will be analyzed. This research is a first step in the development of a tool for remote assessment that can be made broadly available to many different health care needs and populations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Derek Fisher;Gail Eskes


Katelyn McKearney


Springboard Atlantic




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