Developing Gaze and Movement Key Performance Indicators for User Experience Assessment

There’s nothing quite as delightful as using a well-designed product, especially a piece of software. A field of research known as User eXperience (UX) tries to define measures that describe what a good design feels like. While conventional measures of UX for software work well (how long things take, whether or not you complete your task successfully), we suggest that tracking your eye and hand will reveal other useful information. These easy-to-get measures, which we call Gaze and Movement Assessment Key Performance Indicators (GaMA KPI), are calculated from where the eyes look, how the hand moves and their coordination, to tell us how the user’s experience is going. The videogame Anthem will be used as a tool to assess the feasibility and usefulness of these GaMA KPI. We hope to demonstrate that GaMA KPI are useful measures to collect during the design process in the development of a software product.

Faculty Supervisor:

Craig Chapman


Scott Stone







University of Alberta



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