Developing Intelligent Approaches for Factories of the Future – An intelligent strategy for robotic part inspection in advanced manufacturing – Year two

This project explores incorporation of artificial intelligence tools for advanced control techniques in order to improve quality on industrial production lines. Particularly, the novelty of this project suggests the use of the recent embedded computer systems and icloud computer assistance. This strategy is currently used for commercial products (i.e., application related to communication). However, this project explores how to use AI and dynamic optimization tools by identifying both dynamic structure and parameters. The purpose of exploring such advance data analysis for industrial automation is meant to predict quality inspection based on high complex identification patterns during production. The complexity of advance product manufacturing impose important limitations for humans to process. Human inspection affected by both temporal processing and quality consistency impacts directly on safety and cost concerns. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Rickey Dubay


Ricardo Bautista Quintero


Eigen Innovations Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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