Developing Intelligent Approaches for Factories of the Future – An intelligent strategy for robotic part inspection in advanced manufacturing

Human inspection of high quality components in advanced manufacturing, automotive and aerospace applications is challenging, as detecting imperfections that are variable can result in inconsistent part quality decisions. These inspection tasks are very repetitive. Achieving zero incorrect part quality decisions that are required in high tolerance assembly, as well as in critical process operations becomes almost impossible for humans to perform. Currently, robotic systems are being used at various stages of producing parts, as well as in the final stages of manufacturing such as part removal, stacking and other finishing operations. This has resulted in improving overall efficiencies throughout the part production cycle. Robots are being used for quality inspections, and is in its embryonic stage. Robot operators perform time consuming repetitive setups and path planning of its motion to execute these inspections. This inspection procedure has to be repeated for different dimensional parts and quality metrics. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Rickey Dubay


Ricardo Bautista Quintero


Eigen Innovations Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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