Developing Leadership Competencies Through Elite Sport

Sport participants offer a source for community leadership potential that could be more fully and intentionally leveraged for maximum social impact. Currently, leadership development occurring through sport is haphazard and may be a product of chance rather than intent. This research explores elite athletes’ perspectives of leadership competencies developed through sport and aims to gain greater understanding of how these competencies can be intentionally incorporated in long-term athlete development models. Interviews will be conducted with current and recently retired athletes inquiring into experience-based leadership competencies developed through sport. The intent of this research is to understand the ways qualitative leadership competencies might actually enhance sport performance outcomes, lead to a more holistic model of sport designed to develop excellence in both performance and leadership, and better leverage the power and potential of sport for individual, team and community development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nevin Harper


Patricia Obee


Canadian Sport Institute Pacific


Social work



University of Victoria



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