Developing measuring techniques for online monitoring of ex-vivo organ support system (EVOSS)

The ex-vivo organ support system (EVOSS) being developed by Tevosol, Inc.
Organ transplantation remains the standard therapy for treatment of end-stage heart and lung failure. Tevosol Inc., a Canadian organ transport device company in the market, is developing an ex-vivo organ support system (EVOSS). The EVOSS is a system that is used to preserve donor organs in a working state at body temperature during the time between donation and transplantation into a patient. The development, optimization and proving of this device is a collaboration between academics in Medicine and Engineering with the support of Tevosol company aimed at commercializing the device. This development includes sensor developments for measuring the flow rate in a pulsatile regime, and organs weigh and volume online measurement. All aspects of the sensor development including mechanical design, instrumentation, testing, validation, response, and feedback during online monitoring of system conditions will be investigated in this research project.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Nobes;Reza Sabbagh


Bryce Palichuk;Jason Der




Engineering - mechanical


Life sciences


University of Alberta



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