Developing Provisional Publishing Guidelines Informed by Indigenous Storytelling and Knowledge Keeping Protocols

This project will develop provisional guidelines for publishing texts for and by Indigenous people. Each story, each storyteller, and each nation presents a different case, and there can be no set of rules. The objective is to outline a provisional, adaptable set of principles, questions, and considerations to guide the process of selecting, editing, publishing, and marketing manuscripts. The knowledge base in this area will be expanded via interviews with professionals and community members with insight and experience to share; a comprehensive review of existing scholarly and other literature on the subject of Indigenous publishing; and through learning by doing as I work to republish several classic titles at Theytus Books. The guidelines will be a tool intended for continual adaptation by Indigenous authors, editors, and publishers, and will be submitted for review and feedback by my colleagues in the field of Indigenous publishing.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Maxwell


Rachel Taylor


Theytus Books


Visual arts


Aboriginal affairs




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