Developing Recrystallization-Resistant AlScZrMn(Mg) sheets for automotive brazing applications

This internship project aims at developing superior alloy chemistries and processing routes for the manufacture of recrystallization-resistant AlScZrMn(Mg) sheets for automotive brazing applications. Various alloys will be thermodynamically modelled, cast and rolled to thin sheets followed by a stabilization heat treatment. The sheets will finally undergo a simulated heat cycle that resembles that of a typical brazing process during manufacture of automotive heat exchangers. The sheet specimens will be metallurgically characterized by means of optical and electron microscopy as well as tensile testing. The test results will be analyzed in order to depict the optimum alloy/process design for highest recrystallization resistance as well as for the least use of Sc in the composition which is an expensive element. The development of such knowhow will place Alcereco Inc. as an R&D pioneer in a fast growing market for thermally-resistant, light-weight Al alloys, particularly in the auto and aerospace sectors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vahid Fallah


Qingshan Dong




Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation




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