Developing, Refining, and Implementing Specialty Additive Manufacturing Tool paths and Development of a Heat Transfer Framework for Bead Based Deposition Systems

New opportunities lead to new challenges. The additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing process has created new opportunities as it has reduced advanced process planning times. However, this is not true for new multi-degree of freedom machines being introduced to fabricate complex metallic components. Research to facilitate AM CAD/CAM needs to be performed, and this research project focuses on developing advanced process planning solutions for bead based deposition systems. This research will support machine tool builders developing new AM equipment, and their customers. The Mastercam CAD/CAM software suite will be leveraged. This research will provide solutions novel software solutions to assist process planners in developing desirable build strategies for large, complex components.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jeffrey Defoe;Jill Urbanic


Yeganeh Bahoo Torudi;Syamak Pazireh


CAMufacturing Solutions Inc




University of Windsor


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