Developing secure platforms for sharing First Nations owned information

The development and advancement of web mapping technologies is opening the doors to new mapping platforms that are accessible, interactive and engaging. In a conservation and resource co-management setting, there is a large potential for these web mapping platforms to be used to empower local communities by supporting local monitoring, planning and management decisions. However, there remains a disconnect between these technological advances and their capacity to address community needs and promote meaningful co-management. One emerging method to develop community-driven web mapping platforms is Participatory GIS (PGIS), which focuses on context and users, rather than technology. This proposed study will investigate PGIS methods in the context of First Nations fisheries management in British Columbia. Viewing local ecological knowledge as a valuable community resource, this project will focus on the development of secure and empowering web mapping platforms in partnership with the First Nations Fisheries Legacy Fund and the First Nations Fisheries Council to address a need for improved sharing and coordination of fisheries data between communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Crystal Tremblay;Christopher Bone


Jean Hodgson


First Nations Fisheries Legacy Fund


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Other services (except public administration)


University of Victoria



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