Developing Single Use Performance Enhanced Raman (SUPER) spectroscopy probes for bioprocessing reactions

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful analysis technique in which a chemical sample is illuminated by a laser and the molecular identity of the sample is revealed by measuring the precise wavelength shifts of the reflected laser photons. Raman methods are being adopted in many different business sectors, but they are particularly well-suited to the requirements of the bioprocessing/biopharma industry, where many different chemical constituents, namely peptides and sugars, must be precisely quantified in real time to optimize the growth and yield of the cell cultures. However, commercially-available Raman analyzer equipment is not compatible with the new generation of “single-use” bioprocessing reactors. We propose a project to develop and commercialise Single-Use Performance Enhanced Raman (SUPER) probes which creates an optimized optical interface between single-use bioreactors and Tornado Spectral Systems’ best-in-class Raman analyzer. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Alexandre Douplik


Aditya Pandya


Tornado Spectral Systems


Physics / Astronomy


Life sciences




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