Developing species-habitat conservation models for priority, wetland-dependent birds in Eastern Canada

Wetland-dependent birds, notably waterfowl, are prominent features of the conservation landscape in Eastern Canada, Ducks and geese in particular denote seasonality through their spectacular migrations, are key harvested species in many regions, and are often visible to connect the public with the sense of “wild”. However, populations of most of these species in Eastern Canada remain below targets set under the North American Waterfowl Conservation Plan, which may be due in part to threats or changes to breeding habitats. This project will develop species-habitat models for 6 priority waterbird species in Eastern Canada, using data collected over multiple decades, identify those habitats that appear most or least suitable for the various species, and in particular, will example practical habitat management in the past that has benefitted species as conservation recommendations for future actions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Mallory


Kristin Bianchini


Ducks Unlimited Canada




Other services (except public administration)


Acadia University



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