Developing the Innovation Capabilities of a Specialized Manufacturing Firm: A Longitudinal Action-Research Case Study

This field research project is a continuation of an on-going multi-year action-research program, undertaken in a large Manufacturer of Industrial products in the Energy Sector. Like many Canadian corporations, faced with pervasive globalization, economic uncertainty, fierce competition and strict legislations, this Family-owned Company aims at revitalizing its product lines, entering new specialized market niches and upgrading the technological level of its offering through the introduction of Internet of things (IoT). Using a multidisciplinary perspective of technological and organizational change, our action-research program will study the dynamics of innovation during the unfolding of 3 major initiatives aimed at improving the long-term innovation capabilities and propelling the Company under study into the Digitalization age: 1) Digitalization of products/services (Internet of things, etc.); 2) Market Scanning & Analysis Methods; and 3) Open and collaborative innovation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Isabelle Deschamps


Riad Hadou, Anne Mercier, Gabriel Oliva


Velan Inc








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