Development and application of a field method that evaluates propulsive force generation and transfer in Canoe Kayak Sprint

Canoe Kayak Sprint is a highly technical sport, where small changes in athlete stroke technique and/or boat movement can have large implications on race performance. Due to the complexity of these movements it has been difficult in the past to obtain equipment that is precise enough to measure kayak sprint technique accurately. With continual advancements in kinematics and kinetics measurement equipment/technology this problem can now be solved. The objective of this project is to create an instrumented kayak system (i.e. boat, paddle) that can be used to accurately measure kayak sprint technique in the athletes’ daily training environment. The researchers will develop and validate a kayak foot board, seat, and paddle which will measure the forces and moments (i.e. kinetics) being transferred from the water to the boat by the athlete. In addition, full-body and boat movements (i.e. kinematics) will be collected to better understand the temporal and spatial relationships of kinetics and kinematics during the kayak stroke.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michel Ladouceur


Joshua Goreham;Kayla Bugeya Miller


Canoe Kayak Canada




Arts, entertainment and recreation


Dalhousie University



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