Development and application of Additive Manufacturing component strategies

Additive manufacturing is an innovative and promising technology that has potential to provide the aerospace industry with many benefits in the design and fabrication of aerospace components. Advantages to the additive manufacturing process include: the ability to fabricate complex designs not easily obtained through traditional manufacturing, a substantial reduction in materials waste in processing and a reduction in the total manufacturing time for multi-part assemblies. The main additive manufacturing methods of metallic material are powder bed based systems (selective laser sintering, selective laser melting), and powder/wire feed systems (laser metal deposition). This project focuses on a comprehensive study aimed at eventual implementation of these technologies at Pratt & Whitney Canada. During its course, this research will identify existing technologies and materials, as well as determine the certifiability of these technologies. This work will help develop potential proposals for integrated additive manufacturing design in future developments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mathieu Brochu


Lucie Nguyen


Pratt & Whitney Canada




Aerospace and defense


McGill University



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