Development and Applications of Hybrid Metabolic Flux models for Monitoring and Optimization of Bioprocesses

Academic research breakthroughs have transformed the biopharmaceutical industry. Already, the majority of the top 10 best-selling drugs in the world and 40-50% of new drugs are biologics. A major and profound challenge is that the cost for the development and production of biologics is extremely high. This high cost is not sustainable since it will prevent millions of patients from getting access to life-changing treatments. Different activities such as monitoring, control and optimal operating conditions are all contributors to overall bioprocess optimization.
The overall goal of this research cluster is the development and application of mathematical models in combination with advanced analytical tools, such as systems of microreactors and monitoring probes, to optimize large scale manufacturing bioprocess operations. This matches the business of Sartorius by creating a set of software tools that in combination with key Sartorius products such as bioreactors and AMBR systems will be used by their customers to design optimal bioprocesse

Faculty Supervisor:

Hector Budman;Raymond Legge;Luis Ricardez Sandoval


Ali Ghodba;Cynthya Manohar;Zahra Negahban







University of Waterloo


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