Development and Assessment of Cognitive Workload Toolkit for Atlas Copco Operators in Manufacturing

Understanding cognitive workload of the operator is paramount in Ergonomics. Despite the danger that human factors like distraction, inattention and mental stress have on operators’ performance, little is known on how to measure operators’ cognitive load and mental state in a reliable and valid fashion. Atlas Copco is at the forefront of designing adaptive tools that minimize the risk of injuries. This partnership with Dr. Biondi, a Cognitive Ergonomics expert, at the University of Windsor will allow Atlas Copco to develop a comprehensive toolkit for the assessment of mental state during manufacturing tasks. Dr. Biondi and the intern will also conduct lab testing to examine the extent to which reliable cognitive workload metrics borrowed from other fields of Human Factors can be adopted in dynamic, mobile manufacturing settings. The development of the Cognitive Workload Toolkit will inform on viable metrics of cognitive workload and help design next generation Atlas Copco tools.

Faculty Supervisor:

Francesco Biondi;Joel Cort;Cheri McGowan


Babak Saberi


Atlas Copco Canada Inc.






University of Windsor



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