Development and characterization of elite Echinacea germplasm for natural health products and dietary supplements

Echinacea is a popular medicinal herb with a global market of ?$1 billion. While numerous Echinacea products are already available, variable plant chemistry and genetics leads to inconsistent product quality. In an effort to develop “chemically customized” varieties for herbal products and supplements, Amway Canada has partnered with researchers at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. Having already analyzed >100 varieties of Echinacea, we are breeding selected individuals with desired properties to establish new distinct and stable lines. Through field- and greenhouse experiments, we will improve cultivation practices for increased quality, quantity and consistency of plant material. Looking to uncover new uses for Echinacea, our team will use experimental models to study which chemicals are responsible for different effects and how they work. This research will expand our knowledge about the chemistry and therapeutic potential of Echinacea. With high quality plant resources, TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Cory Harris


Rui Liu


Amway Canada




Medical devices




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