Development and characterization of polyester/graphene coatings

Environmental aging is responsible for many industrial failures. Using a protective coating is one of the most common and also efficient methods to protect material surfaces against environmental attack, and consequently extend their life. For modern coatings used for industrial applications, besides high chemical stability and good adhesion, new functionalities such electrical conductivity or anti-static properties are desired. For example, for development of transportation and electronic technologies, a low cost conductive coating with good physical properties is required. Conductive coatings are formed by mixing various types of electrical conducting materials into the binder. Graphene is considered as promising versatile nanofiller due to its extraordinarily properties, such as very high electrical and thermal conductivities. It has great potential to improve the properties of low cost resins such as polyester at low filler content. This work will explore the use of NanoXplore’s graphene for developing low-cost, anti-corrosion, conductive coatings.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric David


Milad Madinehei


Group NanoXplore Inc.


Engineering - mechanical






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