Development and commercialization of epigallocatechin monolaurate as a novel antioxidant alternative in preventing oxidative deterioration of marine omega-3 products

Canada is known globally for its prosperous fishery industry. Meanwhile, omega-3 lipids are extensively manufactured and commercialized as value-added by-products of fishery processing wastes in Canada. However, the marine omega-3 lipids are highly unsaturated and oxidizable. The oxidization of omega-3 lipids leads to significant quality loss of products. The addition of lipidic antioxidants prevent lipid from oxidation and therefore becomes one of the main-stream strategies in preserving omega-3 oil. However, the desire to replace the current food antioxidants has last for decades because of their safety concerns based on a plethora of theoretical/empirical proofs. This project will provide, epigallocatechin laurate, a safer/healthier novel lipidic antioxidant for marine omega-3 (unsaturated) oil manufacturers/consumers under the supports of Lab2Market program in commercialization training. Overall, this work is expected to benefit the partner organization with understanding the scientific/industrial trends and the impact of present/emerging technologies on marine lipid and antioxidant industries. Meanwhile, a successful commercialization of this innovative technology will significantly contribute growth, vitality, and competitiveness to Canadian economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fereidoon Shahidi


Han Peng


Springboard Atlantic


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Professional, scientific and technical services


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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