Development and commercialization of novel reference material for food allergen and gluten proficiency testing – Year two

The planned research program aims to address an existing gap: the lack of commercial availability of reference materials for food allergens to be used in the context of analytical method development, validation and performance testing. In particular, naturally incurred samples representing food matrices where priority allergens are likely to occur, in a controlled and calibrated fashion are not available. Allergens targeted include egg, milk as well as wheat gluten (targeting both wheat allergen and Gluten testing). Selected food carriers (food matrices where the allergen will be incorporated in a controlled and calibrated fashion) will be identified based on needs and priorities for allergen testing as well as market research. The research envisaged will include the development of conditions of production, quality control and use of such reference materials. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Samuel Godefroy


Jérémie Théolier


r-Biopharm Canada inc


Visual arts






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