Development and Commercialization of Photoresponsive Red-Shifted Gene-Silencing Agents

We have a technology that can potentially inactivate a class of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical side-effects can have a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of individuals. Pharmaceutical companies can suffer significant monetary loss when drug candidates do not pass clinical trials. Given that the pharmaceutical industry is a multibillion-dollar industry, we believe there is significant interest in utilizing a technology that can control the activity of a pharmaceutical. We will use the Lab2Market initiative to learn start-up methodologies and take a scientific approach to entrepreneurship for our start-up company, AzoSolutions. We will continue primary market research and speak with stakeholders to validate or reject our hypothesis. We anticipate scaling up our product for commercialization and will learn to contact potential clients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Paul Desaulniers


Matthew Hammill


I-INC Foundation for Business Development




Professional, scientific and technical services


Ontario Tech University



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