Development and Demonstration Engine Technology for Class 8 Heavy Duty Trucks Fueled by Waste Hydrogen

Hydra Energy Corporation Commercial Demonstration Project will be based in Prince George, British Columbia 12.4 MT/day of waste hydrogen will be captured, purified and transported to an onsite hydrogen refueling station from which (at least) 53 Class 8 tractor-trailer trucks will refuel daily. Hydra’s demonstration project can provide a significant reduction in fleet greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions, Particulate Matter and other air emissions. Hydra is currently testing the first prototype dual-fuel hydrogen/diesel heavy-duty class 8 truck in North America. And, in collaboration with the University of British Columbia (UBC) is conducting thorough experimental investigation of the potential fuel efficiency improvements and emissions reductions that may be realized by fueling an internal combustion engine with hydrogen and diesel fuel at various. The R&D project results will advance the scientific knowledge of hydrogen in internal combustion engines, and will help to expand the availability of clean energy transportation technologies in and beyond B.C.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steven Rogak


Michael Karpinski-Leydier


Hydra Energy Corporation


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation




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