Development and evaluation of an autonomous UAV-photogrammetry system for metric infrastructure inspection

In this project, we will develop and evaluate an autonomous, unmanned aerial photogrammetry system for metric inspection of hard-to-reach vertical infrastructures, such as telecommunication towers and high-rise buildings. Metric inspection means identifying and measuring the facts that may have an impact on health conditions of assets, such as changes in tower alignment or deformations of structure beams. This system will benefit from a highly safe and accurate navigation system comprised of global and inertial positioning systems as well as vision-based and wireless localization systems. The system will provide accurate three-dimensional (3D) and detailed visual data of the assets. These data will be processed to automatically produce high-level information, e.g. detection, positioning and measurement of structural cracks in building façades. Realization of this project will allow Industrial SkyWorks to improve its expertise in the field of aerial data-analytics and to offer a unique technology in the domain of infrastructure inspection.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gunho Sohn


Jungwon Kang


Industrial SkyWorks




Information and communications technologies




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