Development and evaluation of semi-passive biological water treatment processes for water impacted by resource extraction

One of the most vital challenges within the mining and oil sands industries is management of water impacted by resource extraction. Semi-passive biological treatment systems (PTSs) treat water close to the source of contamination and often prevent contamination from occurring in the first place, making them suitable options for management of water impacted by resource extraction. These biological treatment systems require minimal or no chemicals and energy input and minimal ongoing management and care. Therefore, semi-passive biological treatment systems are ideal for closure scenarios. However, current biological piloting-scale testing systems pose a great challenge for full-scale design of semi-passive biological treatment systems as the lack the ability to effectively operate on-site and incorporate multiple treatment steps.

Maven Water and Environment (Maven) is developing a modular biological piloting system technology (WaterMaven system) that can mitigate the existing challenges associated with current PTS piloting strategies and allow for integration of multiple treatment technologies. This research will be involved in the development and beta testing of the WaterMaven technology for treatment of impacted by the mining and oil sands industries.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dena McMartin


Mignon le Roux




Engineering - civil


Oil and gas


University of Saskatchewan



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