Development and implementation of a haptic-enabled multimodal robotic platform (H-MRP) for upper-limb fine motor skills retraining

Upper limb physical impairments complicate the patient’s everyday tasks and possibly his ability to be independent with functional activities. Robotics technology is a promising approach for the rehabilitation of upper limb physical impairment. Indeed, the use of robotic systems helps therapists apply flexible, scheduled, and consistent therapy for long period of time, and has great flexibility in performing various training scenarios. This project aims at developing an upper limb rehabilitation platform that incorporates novel haptics and virtual reality technologies that allow upper limb rehabilitation in an ecological context, namely by training the patients to perform occupational tasks needed for everyday life. The project is a collaboration between researchers, engineers and OTs. The developed platform will be validated within, and integrated to, regular rehabilitation protocols.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamed-Amine Choukou


Ali Maddahi


Tactile Robotics Ltd




Medical devices




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