Development and Implementation of a Water Analytics Framework: Intelligent Operations for Water (IOW)

Within a watershed, data are collected on various aspects of water (amount, withdrawals, returns, contaminant concentrations) by multiple groups, yet rarely shared at the basin scale. To reduce data “siloing” and make collected data available to multiple users interested in water management within a watershed context, data from multiple sources must be combined. Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets (ACWA) and IBM will partner to create Intelligent Operations for Water (IOW), a data sharing platform that will allow multiple users to contribute to, and benefit from, multiple sources of data related to water in the Bow River Basin. The platform is general and can therefore be used in other basins where end users want to make smart decisions with multiple sources of data.

Faculty Supervisor:

Leland Jackson


Atakan Erdem


IBM Canada




Natural resources




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