Development and improvement of design manuals and analysis tools for Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC’s) in gas turbine engine applications

Non-metallic technologies, including composite materials, have the potential to improve aircraft engines performances and fuel efficiency, and therefore gained a lot of popularity in the aerospace sector in the past decades. Therefore, the overall objective of this research project is to develop an understanding of all available non-metallic technologies, their maturity and value proposition when applied to Pratt & Whitney Canada engines. The intern will contribute to accelerate the development and incorporation of specific non-metallic components in Pratt & Whitney engines. The intern will also identify design system updates necessary for non-metallic materials and technologies. Finally, the project will lead to the elaboration of design guidelines and protocols for the design, manufacturing and testing of non-metallic components specifically for P&WC products. The project will allow a focused approach to leverage the capability of non-metallic technologies that will improve product competitiveness and support of long term sustainability goals.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pascal Hubert


Gilles-Philippe Picher-Martel


Pratt & Whitney Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


McGill University



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