Development and Improvement of Solantro Self-Forming Nano-Grid (SFnG)

With the development of industry, more and more energy consumption has brought about a huge crisis. The development of renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaic equipment, offers new hope for solving energy problems. Solantro SFnG has been developed and operated in the company’s lab for about 5 years. This real-life nanogrid contains PV panels, energy storage units, a variety of loads and the micro-chip controller. Based the Solantro SFnG, this project is going to develop a bidirectional, high efficiency, high power density on-board charger to enable EV charging for the current nanogrid. The proposed project involves three sub-objectives: (a) Develop bi-directional high efficiency, high power density, and low-cost power factor correction . (b) Develop high efficiency, high power density, low-cost, and safe DC/DC converter. (c) Develop optimal energy management strategies. It will provide Solantro’s customers and commercial partners the ability to unify alternative energy generation/storage and high performance integrated EV charging system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaoyu Wang


Guibin Li


Solantro Semiconductor Corp






Carleton University



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