Development and optimization of a new roll-to-roll atmospheric pressure plasma reactor: deposition of functional nanocomposite coatings on polymer and paper rolls

Wood and wood-related substances have been among the most important materials in human history. Today, various forms of wood are being used in numerous industries, and therefore a significant market exists for improved and functionalized wood-based products. In this context, we’re proposing an atmospheric-pressure plasma-based approach to treatment of wood-based surfaces using a roll-to-roll cold plasma reactor. Furthermore, this process may be adjusted for other flexible and heat-sensitive substrates, such as various polymeric films. A novel plasma source will be designed, optimized and fabricated that incorporates multiple discharge openings (a ‘plasma showerhead’) and can facilitate the deposition of nanocomposite coatings using solid nanoparticle-containing suspension mixtures. Potentially, a wide range of functionalities, such as hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity, moisture and/or oxygen barrier properties, or photocatalytic properties, may be achieved on wood-based and/or polymeric substrates depending on the plasma parameters, nanoparticles implemented in the process and gas phase composition. The goal of this project is to explore such possibilities and demonstrate the potentials of such novel processes in surface engineering.

Faculty Supervisor:

Luc Stafford


Siavash Asadollahi




Physics / Astronomy


Advanced manufacturing




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