Development and Optimization of a Pile Integrated Geo-Exchange System

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) are a clean and sustainable alternative to conventional heating and cooling technologies. Currently, the high upfront costs and technical complexity of drilling and installing GSHPs is preventing their widespread adoption. Innovia GEO Corporation is developing a novel GSHP system that integrates directly into building structural piles. While these piles are used extensively in the construction industry as a building foundation component, their use as part of a GSHP is unexplored. Their dual-use has the potential to reduce costs and remove logistical barriers of implementation. This project will include experimental and computer simulation research to characterize the functionality of the proposed technology. Computer modelling will be used to gain further understanding of the system. The interns will work with the industry partner on two experiments; a laboratory scale experiment, and a demonstration site . These studies will be essential towards Innovia’s commercialization of structural pile GSHPs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Seth Dworkin


Sarah Nicholson;Pedram Hatefraad


Innovia GEO Corporation


Engineering - mechanical


Construction and infrastructure


Ryerson University



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