Development and optimization of a polymer-lipiu urug ueiivCi y formulation for the peri-operative treatment of ovarian cancer

The goal of the current research is to design an injectable polymer-lipid (Pol.i) formulation to treat ovarian cancer. The PoLi drug delivery system is a hiocompatible and biodegradable, physically cross-linked gel that has the potential to provide dramatic improvements in the treatment of ovarian cancer. It is formulated as an injectable gel (all components are safe for humans) which is then loaaded with active chemotherapy drugs such as the commercially available paclitaxel. The PoLi gel can he either injected into the peritoneal cavity or applied perioperatively by a surgeon during cytoreductive surgery (surgical removal of all visible tumour tissue). The PoLi drug delivery system is a potentially significant advance in the treatment of a disease that has traditionally had a poor prognosis. The success of this research and project will lead to the development of more pharmaceutical products for Oncotek, as well as attract additional funds to this Ontario-based company leading to the creation of full-time scientists.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Christine Allen


Roshan Yoganathan


Oncotek Drug Delivery Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




University of Toronto



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