Development and proof-of-concept evaluation of 3D reconstruction molecular research tools

Traditional research microscopy tools are entirely adequate for conventional static analysis, however, the evaluation of more complex dynamic cellular processes require unconventional methods of acquiring, displaying, and rendering dynamic data. Autophagy occurs when some of a cell’s cytoplasm, referred as cargo, is enclosed by a membrane to form an autophagosome in order to be degraded and the products recycled. Autophagy is initiated to cope with stress, but we and others show that under non-stress conditions, specific cargos are targeted to the autophagosome. To better understand how this transformation occurs, we will use the technology provided by Enable to take static 2D images and convert them into a 3D volume in order to extract information on how the autophagosome forms and how it is then able to fuse to lysosomes. The proof of concept of this approach to analyzing cell image data will provide a new way to understand dynamic processes within the cell.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gregory Kelly


Danielle Spice


Enable Imaging Technologies Inc




Life sciences


Western University



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