Development and simulation of the GreeNovel invented plastic recycling and gas cleaning process

The main objective of this project is to design a novel plastic recycling technology invented by GreeNovel Incorporation. The process is based on microwave pyrolysis of the wastes at high temperatures and in the absence of oxygen to be decomposed to pyrolysis-oil and gas. The modelling of the novel microwave pyrolysis system and the product processing section will be performed. The process simulation tool will be provided to determine the properties of the products and operating conditions of each section. Moreover, the energy consumption and specifications of the microwave heating system from the flow data and other operating conditions will be defined. By incorporating the experimental data provided by GreeNovel, the equations describing the phenomena, including movement, mass and energy transfer equations, and Maxwell’s equations, will be solved using the simulation model.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yaser Khojasteh


Mahnaz Soltani Hosseini


GreeNovel Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological




Concordia University



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