Development and testing of novel antimicrobial fabrics

Our world is witnessing an increase in the spread of multidrug resistant (MDR) microbes and the irony is that the hospitals serve as an important reservoir for these microbes. MDR infections kills 8,000 Canadians each year, which may rise to 400,000 in next 30 years. Primarily, the spread of pathogens between patients are believed to be due to direct or indirect contact with the hospital textile. In the recent years, metal oxides or silver ions impregnated textiles are increasingly being used in health-related applications but they are prone to antimicrobial (AM) resistance within a short period. Polyamyna Nanotech Inc. (PN I) has established a nanotechnology-based AM-additive material platform (ESKAPE-Check™) that could be integrated into textiles, eradicating deadliest MDR pathogens. The intern will be responsible for the testing and validation needed by the partner organization for selecting additives and optimization of ESKAPE-Check™ to include more MDR strains and integrate into multiple applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ayush Kumar


Soumya Deo


Polyamyna Nanotech Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Manitoba


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