Development and Validation of a Needle Decompression Simulator to Support the Acquisition and Maintenance of Advanced Care Paramedics Skills

Paramedics perform a range of services in pre-hospital patient care, often being the first responders for the most critically ill patients. As such, it is crucial for them to learn and retain life-saving clinical procedures throughout their career. Simulation has been designed to provide a way to paramedic training. This project focuses on the development of a 3D printed simulator for training and re-training of the needle decompression procedure, a life saving yet rarely performed procedure. Once developed, we will test whether the 3D printed simulator leads to improved performance in paramedics relative to standard training. We anticipate that this project will result in a novel, effective and low-cost training solution for paramedics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Adam Dubrowski


Artur Arutiunian


Central East Prehospital Care Program




Health care and social assistance


Ontario Tech University



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