Development, evaluation and optimization of a portable water electrolyser for hydrogen generation

The membrane electrode assembly (MEA) is the core components of Proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysers, and the properties of the MEA directly affect the performance and the stability of the electrolysers. In the proposed work, a PEM water electrolyser with the state-of-the-art materials and components as reported in the literature will be built-up, and the performance and stability of such an electrolyser will be evaluated. Furthermore, nanotube structured conductive TinO2n-1 on the Ti mesh or felt will be developed to support IrO2 as an anodic gas diffusion electrode (GDE), which is also evaluated in the PEM water electrolyser. From the perspective of materials and microstructure, the interaction between the support and the catalyst phase will be investigated. The successful implementation of the project will help the partner better understand the key issues and the potential adoption of the PEM water electrolysis technology in their health devices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaotao Bi


Gaoyang Liu


China Harmony of Health Company Co. Ltd


Engineering - chemical / biological






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