Development for the Symphony of Devices

The multitude of computing devices owned (and carried) by any given person is increasing. There is a clear need and opportunity to not simply replicate experiences across form factors, but rather to enable applications to easily span form factors. In the future, it is easy to anticipate that experiences will seamlessly grow and shrink by annexing nearby displays and input devices: the Netflix of the future is not one that can simply play the same movie on multiple devices. Rather, it is one where any device in a viewer’s pocket can serve as a remote control and supplementary information display for the screen showing the film. Two people trying to find a common date for a meeting will be able to effortlessly show an overlap of their calendars on a nearby screen. A user sitting at his laptop should be able to easily slide a table-of-contents page of a document to his iPad, and use it as an index to select which pages are shown on the PC. We term this personal computing experience the Personal Symphony of Devices (PSoD).

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Wigdor







University of Toronto


Globalink Research Internship

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