Development, implementation and validation of new anti-E6 therapeutics for the treatment of HPV-associated cancer

Human papillomaviruses (HPVs) are responsible for almost all cervical cancers. Current treatment available relies on chemo- or radiation-therapy or surgery. These methods have several side-effects with high morbidity and survival of just ~ 70%. Our lab, therefore, develops a more patient-centered approach based on targeting the viral E6 protein, the main culprit of carcinogenesis in HPV-related malignancies. We have generated different anti-E6 molecules (siRNA and single domain antibodies) and the goal of the proposed project is to implement and validate these molecules as potential therapeutics as well as developing other molecules (chemical compounds or peptides) to target E6 more broadly and more effectively.  One of the objectives of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute is to develop treatment options for cancer patients as well as developing more collaboration between Physician and fundamental research. If successful, this project would lead to a long term collaboration to bring these therapeutics to clinical application.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ingeborg Zehbe


Guillem Sébastien Dayer


Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute




Life sciences


Lakehead University



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