Development of a 3D Laser Scanning System for Generating Prototypes of Buildings and Large Scale Structures

Virtual Prototypes provide a fast and efficient way to visualize objects or products during their design phase. In architecture, engineering and various construction projects 3D models are used throughout process, from design, through construction, and into the facility management phase. An accurate 3Dscan could represent a built region in a virtual world. The 3D model development has been an upcoming area, however rarely studied for improvements of this technology. The objective of the current study is to develop a methodology to conduct scans on buildings and generate 3D models that could be used to create prototype models using the 3D print technology. It is intended through the current project to develop a methodology to construct a 3D prototype model of a large scale objectm through laser scanning technology. The entire process involves several different stages including, scanning, point cloud generation, point cloud registration, point cloud data analysis, mesh and surface generation and rapid prototyping of the 3D model. It is also intended to demonstrate the use of existing technology to scan a complex 3D object and develop an actual prototype of this object.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Nicholas Krouglicof


Migara Livanage


ND Dobbin Group





Memorial University of Newfoundland



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