Development of a biocompatible coating for an implantable magnetic marker

Non-palpable breast cancers, needing localization before removal, make approximately 60% of the diagnosed breast cancers. The gold standard for localizing includes implanting protruding wires or radioactive seeds in the lesion. The wires are not accurate, cause pain and discomfort to the patients, while the radioactive seeds warrant strict administrative and safety requirements. MOLLI Surgical Inc. offers a wireless and non-radioactive alternative: Magnetic Occult Lesion Localization Instrument (MOLLI). The instrument has a magnetic marker (placed in the lesion) and a probe (detecting the marker during surgery). The device provides comfort and convenience to the patients and confidence to the surgeons. Inherent toxicity of the magnets, needs them to be coated. MOLLI Surgical Inc. is currently using a costly proprietary coating, but a cost-effective coating is warranted to make the device affordable and acceptable for service healthcare systems. The present study aims to develop a low-cost coating for magnetic markers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Towler


Malvika Nagrath


MOLLI Surgical Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


Ryerson University



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